Scribal Workshop

Scribal Workshops inks are now available at Lucas Tucker, the man behind the brand, has created some very interesting, very noteworthy fountain pen inks. I highly recommend spending a bit of time reading the reviews on this stuff, Goulet, Fountain Pen Network and Ink On Hand all have reviews of this ink, check them out. They cost $8.00 and are 2oz (60ml), meaning you’re getting a damn good deal. keeping in mind J.Herbin retails around the $10 mark, and you’re getting only 50ml, the scribal workshop inks are very well priced.

They are a bit more viscous than other inks I’ve tried, so they tend to write a little bit on the dryer side, but the flow is still even, and the thicker ink leaves a very nicely saturated line behind.

Check out the Scribal Workshops inks on our website and grab a bottle for yourself. During our free shipping even on Fountain Pen Day, we will ship each package with a sample of one of the colours of the cryptid inks. Don’t forget that free shipping is only available on Nov. 2nd with the check out code “FPD”. Due to a manufacturing defect, we don’t have any Red Zhulong ink yet, but we expect to be able to order that in soon.


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